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Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You

Just Pin It!

Testing out ways to best utilize social media’s female-skewing new kid on the block, Pinterest, feminine hygiene perpetual-bridesmaid, Kotex, identified 50 influential Pinners and sent them each a virtual gift box. Each “gift” contained items based on the individual’s Pinterest boards, and Kotex asked recipients to share the virtual gift box with their followers. If “pinterested” parties shared the gift, Kotex recreated the items incorporating Pinner’s self-identified interests and sent them a real gift which included a box of Kotex.

Pinterest users are 82% female, the heaviest gender skew of any social network, thus giving any female-focused marketing effort a direct line of conversation to its primary demographic. Kotex’s Pinterest campaign was a conversation starter, but how long will this conversation last and where will it go?

Kotex representatives say they have received over 2,000 impressions and are deeming this campaign a success. In an extremely competitive retail market, where there is strong brand loyalty, it will be interesting to see if Kotex’s percent of market share experiences a boost as a result of this effort.

Are you using Pinterest? What do you think of the approach Kotex is taking?

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