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Twitter Users More Likely to Buy From and Recommend Brands They Follow

Recent research conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey provides even more proof that your brand should have a presence on Twitter. CMB and Constant Contact collaborated on the research, which utilized a 15 minute online questionnaire administered to almost 1,500 consumers in January 2011. The results indicated that Twitter users were more frequent online users overall, with half going online at least once per hour.

They also found that if you’re targeting a younger demographic, Twitter is a great way to do it. 26% of users under age 35 follow brands on Twitter, compared to 17% of those aged 35-49 and 13% of those aged 50 and over. 

The data also suggests that your brand’s followers aren’t going anywhere. A whopping 75% of followers have never un-followed a brand once they followed them.

When asked why they follow brands on Twitter, the top answers after “because I’m a customer of the company” were to “to be the first to know information about the brand,” “to receive discounts and promotions,” and to “gain access to exclusive content.”

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